Private Dinner
28 Feb 2023
10 people

︎ homemade
︎ fresh
︎ meat & fish sauce

A private dinner on quest for a group of friends in Winterthur.

1 fried wantan with a homemade meat filling, served with pickles

2 rice meal with stir-fried beans & carrots, pumpkin soup with  braised and caramelized meat (pork), egg, tofu and vietnamese meatloaf (1) fried tofu in tomato sauce (2). 
3 yellow mung bean pudding dessert with coconut milk

1 Hoành thánh chiên & đồchua
2 Cơm với đậu xào, canh bí, thịt kho trứng,  đậu hũ sốt cà chua 
3 Chè đậu xanh

© Thi My Lien Nguyen
A food project focused on the diasporic and Vietnamese foodways in Switzerland,
hosted by photographer and artist Thi My Lien Nguyen.