Frequently Asked Questions

How can I participate?
When I host a supperclub or any other kind of event I usually sent out an information mail through my newsletter. Seats are usually limited. Please subscribe to the newsletter here if you don’t want to miss any new dates. I also post new dates and projects on my Instagram.

Do you prepare everything youself?
Yes, I prepare everything myself. Sometimes my mom helps out, depends on the format and the amount of guests. I use fresh ingredients and pay attention to prepare seasonal dishes.

How do I pay?
The price is usually communicated beforehand. You can either Twint me the amount before, during or right after your participation or pay in cash on location.

Do you also serve vegan dishes?
Many Vietnamese are buddhists and the buddhist temple kitchen has always been vegetarian. Since in most Southeast-Asian countries dairy products have not been available for a long time (before colonial settlers came along), these vegetarian diets were practically vegan diets. My family has a strong connection to buddhism and vegan meals is very common in our household – therefore, yes, I do prepare various Vietnamese vegan meals.

I have allergies. Can you change your dishes especially for me?
I try my best! Please get in touch with me and let me know what allergies you have and I can take your inputs in consideration while preparing the menue.

I’d like to invite some friends over and would like you to cook for us, is that possible?
Generally speaking yes. :) Please get in touch with me and we can discuss further details.

Hit me up via Mail or on Instagram.

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hosted by photographer and artist Thi My Lien Nguyen.