Culinary evening at Atelier orbit in Winterthur
12 July 2022
15 people

︎ homemade
︎ fresh
︎ vegan and meat options

A community summer dinner at orbit’s studio space in Winterthur. With an extended introdocution into my work as a visual and food artist.

With great help from Monika Wilhelm and Pia Maurer (orbit).
More info here.

1 homemade spring rolls with pickles

2 rice meal with stir-fried broccoli, champignons & carrots, sweet-sour tomato soup with fresh pineapple & braised eggplant in ginger and leek. 

3 sweet corn pudding with tapioca and coconut milk

1 Chả giò & do chua
2 Cốm, xào broccoli, carot, nấm & cà kho với canh chua 
3 chè bắp

Atelier Christmas Dinner in Zurich 
13 May 2022
45 people

︎ homemade
︎ fresh
︎ vegan or meat options

A community christmas dinner in May, post-poned due covid-19, in a studio space of animators and illustrators in Zurich. 

1 homemade spring rolls with pickles

2 rice meal with stir-fried broccoli & carrots, chinese cabbage soup, with either braised and caramelized meat (pork), egg, tofu and vietnamese meatloaf or fried tofu in tomato sauce. 

3 yellow mung bean pudding dessert with coconut milk

1 Chả giò & do chua
2 Cơm với rau xào, canh cải, thịt kho trứn,  đậu hũ sốt cà chua 
3 chè đậu xanh

Pop-Up Take-Away at Café du Bonheur
24-28 February 2021
90 portions per day

︎ changing three course menu every day
︎ Vietnamese Brunch with various dishes on Sunday
︎ meat or vegan
︎ several sweet & salty snacks during the day
︎ window-showcase with artists of Vietnamese origin

Pop-Up during the lockdown in February 2021 in Switzerland. Each day MLS provided a changing three course meal, accompanied with a description and context to the served menu. 

with Quynh Dong, Kim Pham and Vy Linh Nguyen

by Kevin Duong

Graphic Design
by Christian Knöpfel

Raisa Durandi, Joël Hunn

MLS Team
Sjanca Oppliger, Thi Nhu Mai Nguyen-Vo

Café du Bonheur, Zurich
with Mazen Reda, Benjamin Heer and CDB Staff

Lunches at Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen
24-26 August 2021 
15 people

︎ homemade
︎ fresh
︎ vegan

Lunches for the team at Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen while constructing the new show of Valentina Minnig and Gernot Wieland.

Apéro for the opening of the show.

1 homemade spring rolls
yellow curry noodle soup with rice vermicellis

2 rice sheets with several toppings and fresh herbs
sweet corn pudding with tapioca and coconut milk

3 rice with stir-fried beans and mushrooms,
braised eggplants in ingwer, leek and Vietnamese tomato soup

1 Chả giò + Bún cà ri
2 Bánh ướt + Chè Bắp
3 Cốm, xào đậu, nấm với cà kho với canh chua

At the opening:
spring rolls and summer rolls
Chả giò + Gỏi cuốn

Vietnamese BBQ
5 July 2020
10 people

︎ vegan
︎ meat
︎ fresh herbs
︎ taste explosion

1 homemade spring rolls, wantans with pickles

2 rolled in ricepaper with rice vermicellis and fresh herbs:
homemade minced meat balls
vegan grilled fish cakes and tofu

Chả giò, hoành thánh & do chua
2 ăn cuốn: nem nướng,
chả cá chay & đậu hũ nướng

© Thi My Lien Nguyen
A food project focused on the diasporic and Vietnamese foodways in Switzerland,
hosted by photographer and artist Thi My Lien Nguyen.