Mili’s supperclub #12 – Basel Edition / 20.09.2020 – FLASHBACK

I had the honour to team up with Sjanca who works at the restaurant Kornhaus in Basel, what a lovely place that is! You really should check out their menu, seasonal and traditional Swiss cuisine with a modern touch to it.

It was my first time cooking for so many people and additionally my first time preparing a dinner in a „professional“ kitchen! Puh, I tell you, I had the impression that these pro kitchen were designed by and for men. (Like so many things in our lifes, right… Here is a good article to this topic and here we have an informative explainer about this problem in Switzerland.)
Anyway, all in all, it was such a valuable experience and I enjoyed every moment of it.

In total we hosted 26 people, Sjanca helped me out with the setting, the serving and the clean up after. Thank you so much!

Thank god we were able to put up the tables in the backyard of the restaurant. The weather played along and gifted us one last evening with lots of sunshines and a summer breeze. The athmosphere was really nice and I’m very grateful for every single participant, you have made this evening so memorable. ❤

But hey, see for yourselves:
(some images were taken by Sjanca and
Lukas Stadelmann, another great fellow who also joined our round.)

Veröffentlicht von myliennguyen

swiss-vietnamese visual artist, hosting a Vietnamese supperclub: Mili's Supperclub


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